• Floor coverings for your home

    Basha's have a wide range of domestic floor coverings to choose from including well known quality brands such as Cavalier Bremworth, Prestige, Godfrey Hirst, Feltex & Invicta, Redbook & Minster, Norman Ellison Carpets, Beaulieu and many more.

  • Commercial Floor Coverings

    We are proud to have been chosen as the successful tender for many commercial projects in the Shoalhaven District.

    If you are looking for quality, reliability and tradesmanship, Basha's are the people for the job.

  • Blinds & Awnings

    Basha's have a wide range of blinds to choose from including well known brands such as Helioscreen, Verosol, Litemaster, Timber Blinds and many more. The variety of different types of blinds include Vertical, Venetian, Timber Venetians, Roller / Holland and Sunscreens, Awnings, Roman Blinds and many more...

  • Timber & Bamboo

    Basha's have a wide range of timber and bamboo floors to choose from including well known brands such as Quickstep Readyfloor Timber, Style Bamboo, Embelton Bamboo, Arrow Sun Bamboo and Quickstep Laminate.

  • Curtains

    We have recently also included curtains into our range of products.  If you are looking for top-quality custom-made curtains and decorative tracks, please come and view our wide range of fabrics from renowned manufacturers such as BQ Design, Warwick Fabrics, Ken Bimler, Trabeth Textiles, Nettex, Fortex and others.

At Basha's Interiors, we are committed to offering the finest range of residential and commercial brands in floor coverings and blinds available today. Basha's have been servicing the Shoalhaven, South Coast and Ulladulla area for over 100 years and our excellent service and unbeatable prices have given us a reputation we are proud of.

You'll be spoilt for choice with Basha's huge range of floor coverings and blinds.

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